“I have worked with Julie for a number of years, developing Leadership capability in different teams.  In the last 18 months I have inherited a new larger team and Julie has again been instrumental in helping myself and the team step up to the challenges of a fast changing UK Food Industry. Offering support from individual coaching to tailored group development sessions, the leaders have responded to Julie’s knowledge , insight and challenge.”
James Skidmore , CEO, Hain Daniels Group

Corporate Faculty was founded by Julie Gray to help companies develop their leaders – to deliver business results. This is mostly through bespoke executive education programmes for your senior management.

However, with online learning the world is becoming more like TV and therefore we also work in partnership with theHeadsUp Network and Typecoach.

The HeadsUp Network connects you with business school professionals who talk to you face to face online about how to apply the best thinking to your work. This supports leaders in both their personal development and their business challenges in a highly individualised way.

Typecoach is an online psychometric tool with supporting tips and coaching videos.

Both of these offers can support a customised executive development programme, or be used as stand alone services.

The challenges facing leaders in today’s fast-moving world are:

  • How do leaders develop the ability to rethink every part of your business? Change is not about doing things faster or more efficiently. It is about looking at everything from a completely new perspective that will transform the business
  • You have set ambitious targets. But are they ambitious enough? How do you know? More importantly how can you galvanise your leaders to deliver the growth targets you have set?
  • Competitors are moving in fast. If you don’t do something different, you will be in decline. But what is the right strategy to stay ahead
  • How do you engage all your employees so they succinctly understand your strategy – and know what their role is in this?

We believe that business success is achieved through 10% strategy and 90% great leadership.

And we are here to ensure your leaders are great and know how to address these challenges – with confidence.

We do this through large scale, multi-level customised executive education programmes, team facilitation, individual mentoring and coaching programmes, change consulting and keynote speakers. All this is tailored to your needs – and competitively priced.

We listen and ask questions. Only when we understand what your challenges are and what you are aiming to achieve – and why, will we explore development options with you.

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